Intro to Chinese language to Sihanoukville people

As already know China is becoming one of the great developing country and trying to becoming a number 1 economic country. China is also one of the top country with the most population and not only inside China, Chinese people is spreading all over the world with China Town in many cities as well. And there’s no exeption to Sihanoukville, a coastal province in Cambodia. The important of Chinese language which is already noticed is now becoming to be a must language to study.

Why Chinese Language ?

As the part of “ Intro to Chinese language to Sihanoukville people” say Chinese which is becoming more and more economic growth mean the knowledge of Chinese language is important as well. Below are some of my opinion about Why Chinese language:

1.      China will become a big name and their language will be needed to be in a great position in the 21st Century. In order to become a big name they need to advertise themselves to the world as well.
2.      The flowing of Chinese investor mean that you need Chinese language or hire a translator in order to do business with these glowing investor not only in Sihanoukville, but flowing in to the whole Cambodia
3.      If you’re in the E quadrant or Employee quadrant, the knowledge of Chinese language can get you in a higher position rather than being factory worker in Chinese owners’ Factory
4.      Because there’re more and more Chinese people, there will be a need to communicate with them somehow for your business, your work, or your daily life and also to handle with these foreigners that are flowing to the city as the slogan say “ Knowing about the other is the control to them”

And there’re more reasons for studying Chinese. Maybe you can find more reason for yourself.

Why Growing number of Chinese in Sihanoukville?

There are more and more Chinese tourists visiting Sihanoukville and Chinese investors coming to do business in Cambodia. Why more Chinese tourist and why more Chinese investors?

Personally I think the tourists come to Sihanoukville for their holiday to explore the most beautiful beaches area in Cambodia with good price deal and some come to look for business opportunities as well. And investors might already see the success of many Chinese investor in Sihanoukville and come to share the profit with a great price deal of labor in Cambodia as factory worker in Cambodia work so hard for some money and will to do extra time for some extra money. Through my observe and my work to design and deliver advertising product to Chinese investors ( 08-2015 ) I see the growing of the factories, There’re lots of Chinese factories especially in SSEZ ( Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone ).

Chinese Language Schools in Sihanoukville

There’re many school offering Chinese language classes in Sihanoukville as well as private classes. But the 2 schools I want to point out here is Kang Hour Chinese School and Tai Chong Chinese School. I think these 2 schools are named in Chinese and I like the way they pronounce, but as I don’t know Chinese as well as many others (while I’m writing this article), I don’t know is there a meaning from Chinese or something so if you know you could drop a comment below!

Kang Hour Chinese School: 
located around CT street near Phsar Peanichkam ( Peanichkam(advertising) Market ) and close to Chea Sim primary school Sihanoukville as well. Kang Hour offer Chinese classes long time ago in Sihanoukville this is the area for many Cambodian-Chinese parents sent their kids to study Chinese.

Tai Chong Chinese School: 
located at Ekareach street ( Ou Som art ) near Sam Dach Ouv secondary school. This school is also another longtime Chinese School in Sihanoukville providing many Chinese speakers from Sihanoukville with excellent skills as well as Kang Hour. I see more and more students starting their Chinese class at Tai Chong.


As you read all along until this part I hope you understand ( or get reminded if you already understand ), entertain, and get more encouraged about the importance of Chinese language. And I’d like to tell that this is not a promotional post of Chinese language! If you ask me do I know Chinese I’d say No! At least for now, but I’d like to study Chinese after my observation and personal experience even if I’m gonna be the oldest in the class! But it's not mean I it's the only choice to choose, even if we don't know Chinese we still can read the highest point in life and make them work for us instead. The point is knowing can make thing even more better.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy and get benifit from this article. This article is written in August, 2015 so there might be changes and update as time goes by.

This is copyrighted article, I don't want to see any copy of my article without credit. No encourage if you copy and paste to other website, but encourage if use or print for educational purpose.

A photo of Sihanoukville hall taken in August, 2015 ( Kiaheng )

Sihanoukville Hall or “Sihanoukville Old Theatre” known to the locals is one of the great relaxing places in Sihanoukville beside from the beaches.

The local would know this place refer to Sihanoukville Old Theatre which is a very popular place as many events and activities take place here. Many local Sihanoukville come to this hall in the evening because it's much a pleasant time. You would find this place being quite silent during the morning and afternoon.

Evening activities at Sihanoukville hall ( Old Theatre )

Sugarcane juice business and exercise activities
From 5pm on is a great time that many people come to Sihanoukville old theatre and many activities take place this time as well. You would probably see groups of people doing exercises with the dancing to music when you come across. There’s an instructor who instruct the exercise and charge for people who come to join. The price a person is around 1000riels to 2000 riels ( $0.25 - $0.50 ) it may increase or decrease by the time.

Other activities at Sihanoukville hall

Activities at Sihanoukville hall 08.2015 ( Kiaheng )
Beside from this evening exercise there’re people exercise themselves walking or running in this peaceful area. Many local come as well to sit around seeing people or have a talk seeing the beautiful Sihanoukville sky in the evening. I often come here as well after a long day at work to release the stress and feel the calm. Usually I buy a sugarcane juice which cost 1000reils (2015) and come to sit and drink seeing people around and yes I see many moms and dads taking their children here every time I come. All this peaceful things could really ease our mind to relax from complicated things.

Business at Sihanoukville hall

Sihanoukville hall buildings
After the building plan at Sihanoukville hall finished the construction and ready to rent or sale, there’s a grow in business activies here beside from drink and food selling by the locals. Many kind of business start in this area including Restuarant, Hospital, Barber’s shop, Clothes shops, Travel and many others. There's an Italiano ice-cream shop open by Don Bosco Hotel School where I often come to have a delicious ice-cream of many taste to choose.

Talking about business in this area the local people who sell meatball ,surgarcane juice, fried chicken wings etc. Have started their business first providing a place for local to spend their money and time to enjoy the evening in Sihanoukville.

Events at Sihanoukville hall

Sihanoukville hall is a host to many events in Sihanoukville in the meantime. This place host to many concerts event and Fair Trade events. Many time already there’re big concert even from Coca-Cola concert, Angkor, Anchor beer concerts with Top Cambodian Singer like Preap Sovath, Sokun Kanha, Khemarak Sereymun, Chorn Sovannareach.... as well as Thai Trade fair in Sihanoukville. But this place seem to be difficult to hos these event as many building start appearing around and difficult as well when it rain, so there’s possibility that new place will be build to host these events in the future ( 2015 in present time ).

Hope all these information about Sihanoukville hall ( Sihanoukville old theatre ) help you to find out more about Sihanoukville and if you have idea or opinion you can leave a comments below to interact.

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